The Ethical Channel is the communication channel that PABLO SCHROEDER S.L. makes available to employees, partners, collaborators, suppliers and/or clients of PABLO SCHROEDER S.L., or even any third part, to report infractions or non-compliance with the Codes of Conduct and the remaining internal regulations of conduct.

This information will be managed by a representative of the Ethics Committee of PABLO SCHROEDER S.L., who guarantees compliance and internal dissemination of the Code of Conduct among all staff of PABLO SCHROEDER S.L. as well as managing the Ethics Channel and other internal information channels.

The Ethics Committee may act on its own initiative or at the request of any informant regarding possible infractions or non-compliance of which it has become aware.

The Ethics Committee will act at all times independently and autonomously, guaranteeing the confidentiality of all data and background information handled, the exhaustive analysis of any data or information provided, acting with full respect for the right to a hearing and the presumption of innocence. affected people, and guaranteeing the absence of retaliation against any informant.

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